student services 

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As many students struggle with financial hardships, VSEUS offers 4 different types of grants to assist students in their academic, career, and personal pursuits. Learn more.

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Agora Initiative Mentorship Program

Beginning in September's Econ Week, the program pairs first year BIE students with senior BIE students to help them transition into university life.

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Online Learning Program

Partnering with Coursera and Lean Six Sigma, VSE students can receive refunds and discounts when they complete online courses on these platforms. Learn more.

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From hoodies to stickers, VSEUS offers faculty apparel so that students can spend the year in style. 

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Recognised Clubs

Grants Scheme

​Student-run clubs targeted at Economics students are eligible to apply for financial support from VSEUS. 

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VSEUS offers free LinkedIn professional headshots for all Economics students throughout the year.