student grants 


  1. You are currently majoring in an Economics program at UBC (BA or BIE)

  2. You are able to demonstrate how the grant will benefit your undergraduate experience, as well as how your initiatives will contribute to the greater Economics student community at UBC.

  3. You are currently a fee-paying member of VSEUS


If you met all criterion, please view our online application form to apply for the grant best suited for your needs.


VSEUS offers four types of grants:

  • Professional/Academic Development

  • Student Initiatives

  • Clubs Operations

  • Clubs Special Projects

Individual students are eligible for up to $500 in funding, while student-run clubs or organisations are eligible for up to $750 in funding per application.

We will take all aspects of your applications into account to determine the most appropriate funding needs. The grant allocation will be on first-come, first-served basis with specific amounts allocated for each academic term. Please allow up to 10 business days for your application to be assessed by our Grants Committee.

Empowerment Grant

The Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society is committed to proactively take actions to tackle racial injustice and underrepresentation of the Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities present in Economics and our society as a whole. Given the current and always present manifestations of hate and injustice towards certain ethical and racial groups, VSEUS is glad to announce the creation of the new VSEUS Empowerment Grant.


The VSEUS Empowerment Grant seeks to encourage initiatives and events run by self-identified minority students or associate bodies representing minority groups that provide demonstrable support for minority communities through (but not limited to):

  • Increasing awareness of extra difficulties suffered because of race and ethnicity

  • Undertaking special projects to empower marginalized groups

  • Providing better support for marginalized groups

  • Fighting racial and ethnic injustice

  • Professional or academic development of students from marginalized communities