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 online learning program 

What Is It?

At VSEUS, we know that employability is a top concern for many economics students and that academic pursuits may not be limited to UBC classrooms. To support our diverse student body in improving their technical skills, gaining new knowledge, and enhancing their career prospects, VSEUS is implementing the Online Learning Program. Under this initiative, students can receive a subsidy for taking an online course, specialisation, or certification program on a reliable and recognised learning platform. 


To take part in the program, you need to fill out an approval form. Since there is a fixed limit to reimbursement values, we ask that students provide a brief explanation of why they want to take the course and why they believe it will enhance their career prospects or learning pursuits. 

We reserve the right to either offer $100 or pay for the first 2 months of the course enrolled, whichever is less. We are also always open to talking to students via email or Zoom to discuss any issues that may arise in this process. To ask any questions, please feel free to email


  1. Approval Form: fill it out here.

  2. Course: once your form has been approved, you’re good to go! Start the course you have selected and further your learning!

  3. Proof Of Payment & Completion: once you have completed your course, submit your proof of payment and proof of completion to and

  4. Reimbursement: great work! You can expect reimbursement in 5 - 10 business days. Pick it up from the AMS offices in the Nest!

Recommended Courses

​​Nowadays, every job posting for a data scientist or business analyst requires some knowledge of Python, R, and Excel. Below are some of our recommended Coursera specialisations for Economics students.

​Python For Everybody

This specialisation is a great introduction to programming. It offers the fundamentals of data structures, which are the cornerstone of all programming languages, as well as an understanding of iterated processes. A special part of the class is its instructor, Dr. Chuck, who uses graphics and insightful explanations to facilitate your understanding of the material. All the steps and details are also written in a short booklet, authored by the instructor himself.




This specialisation encompasses 10 courses, starting with the fundamentals of R programming, and continuing to higher-level statistical computer classes. Our recommended courses don’t require advanced knowledge in mathematics and statistics.

Excel Courses

We recommend starting with the PwC “Problem Solving with Excel” course on Coursera. This is part 2 of a 5-part certificate which can be completed on its own, or together with the other 4 courses to earn the PwC Data Analysis and Presentation Skills certificate.

Lean Six Sigma

VSEUS has teamed up with Lean Six Sigma to provide VSE students with coupon codes for their most popular courses. Lean Six Sigma is a globally recognised analytical framework that emphasises reducing waste and solving process-related problems.


Register for your desired course using your UBC email address ( and enter the coupon codes below at checkout! 

• Yellow Belt: $150 off the regular $199 price – register for $49 using coupon code YBvseus

• Green Belt: $200 off the regular $699 price – register for $499 using coupon code GBvseus

• Black Belt: $100 off the regular $999 price – register for $899 using coupon code BBvseus


For more information about the VSEUS Online Learning Program, please contact

What Courses Can I Take?

Students can take any course on a reliable and recognised learning platform, either independently or as part of a specialisation. Specialisations are a series of connected courses that can be completed together to prove a higher level of proficiency and understanding in the course matter.


How Will VSEUS Pay For It?

Upon receiving the application form, we will evaluate the cost of the student’s desired course as well as their explanation of why they want to take it. This, alongside the current budget for the program, will determine if the student receives full or partial funding. After students have completed the course, provided proof of payment and completion to VSEUS, they will be reimbursed.

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