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AGORA Initiative

What is AGORA?

The AGORA Initiative is a student-led mentorship network that matches first-year and second-year students (as mentees) with members of the 3rd+ years senior cohorts (as mentors). Upper years in return will connect with alumni mentors based on their preferences as mentees. The mentor-mentee pairings are matched based on the background, career goals, and overall compatibility of both parties. They then meet flexibly around once a month based on their needs to discuss any academic/career questions that the mentees may have.

Why Participate?

STAY CONNECTED: By connecting to an upper-year student, you will stay connected to the VSE network. You will observe firsthand how the VSE programs are progressing, and assist those who are motivated, have put in the work, and would appreciate your support in their transition.


GIVE BACK: You will have the opportunity to share industry insights and advice to help students have an edge in their career development.

Commitment details

As an alumni mentor, the VSEUS academic team will connect you to an upper-year student who shares your background, passions, and interests. Your mentee will be responsible for organizing a one-time informational interview with you. We encourage and hope that you will continue these conversations regularly with them. Mentees are ultimately responsible for maintaining the relationship.

Monthly Survey Form

To ensure smooth running of the program, we will be sending out a survey form at the end of each month, in order to make sure you, as mentors, are having a valuable and satisfying experience, and provide a channel to collect your thoughts and opinions. We are keen to improve and will adjust accordingly.

Establishing better communication

The VSEUS Academic team will be sending a DO's and DON'Ts guide for your mentees to ensure smooth communication. If your mentee doesn't reach out to you in a month, we will be reassigning you with a new mentee.


  1. Time Commitment: 1 year (from September 2023 to April 2024), up to 1 hour at a time, up to bi-weekly or monthly

  2. Nature of Work: Informal conversations with an upper-year student related to career/postgraduation aspirations

  3. Communication Platform: All communications will occur online; specific platforms to be determined by the pair.


Please send us an email at for more information and feedback on the Agora Mentorship Program!!

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